Meg Mo Blades are some of the best high-performance rotary mulching blades on the market, but like every product these days there are some occasional issues that may pop up.

Luckily, since they’re just rotary mulching blades, there aren’t a lot of things that can go wrong – and anything that does go wrong is an easy fix.

So if you’ve been having problems with your Meg Mo system, here are a few common issues and some solutions to go with them.

Problems With Meg Mo Blades

Like traditional blades, the most common problems with Meg-Mo blades are bending, loud engine noises, balancing issues, or crooked cuts.

1. Bent Blades

Meg-Mo blades can become bent from a number of things. Often times when the grass is tall or when you are cutting around trees, you’ll nick something that you couldn’t see before.

If you hit a rock, root, or anything else while mowing you should immediately stop operating your lawn mower and check the mower blades.

Bent mower blades can give your lawn an irregular cut so it’s important to fix your mower blades before you continue.

Solutions For Bent Blades

If your blade is only slightly bent, you can try and bend it back with a vice and a hammer or channel locks.

If you have an anvil or other flat heavy piece of metal you can try and hammer out your bent blades so they’re straight again.

Make sure you wear thick gloves to protect your hands from any cuts. The blade is bent, but it’s still sharp!

2. Loud Engine Noises

Loud Engine Noises

Meg-Mo rotary mulching blades are different than regular mower blades. They’re often heavier and can put additional strain on your mower’s engine if it’s not meant for heavy-duty rotary mulching blades.

We’ve heard from users of Meg-Mo blades that they’ve noticed that their lawn mower makes new noises after they installed them.

Solution For Loud Engine Noises

Meg-Mo blades are custom ordered for each lawn mower. Be sure to accurately fill out the form on their site when you order yours and double-check that any second-hand pairs you use are compatible with your lawn mower.

When in doubt, contact the manufacturer, Meg-Mo, to check that you are using the right mower blade for your lawn mower.

3. Balance Issues

If installed properly, you should never experience balancing issues with Meg-Mo blades from the manufacturer.

You may notice balancing issues if the blades are bent or if they’re installed improperly on your lawn mower.

Solutions For Balance Issues

If you feel like you have a balancing issue with your mower blade, turn your mower off and inspect the underside of it.

Ensure that the blades are properly bolted into the bottom of your lawn mower. The individual blades come tight from the factory, but it doesn’t hurt to check them occasionally.

If you’ve bent your mower blade, refer to our section in this guide on how to adjust a bent mower blade.

4. Inconsistent Or Crooked Cuts

Crooked cuts can be caused by a few different things, luckily they’re all easy fixes.

If you notice that your grass is higher on the outside of your cutting path or higher on the inside, stop mowing and inspect the underside of your mower.

Solutions For Better Cuts

First things first, make sure the underside is free from lawn clippings or other buildups of debris. These can often affect how your blade cuts.

The next thing you want to do is take the blades off and inspect each one. Make sure they’re not bent and that they’re sharp.

While Meg-Mo blades claim they don’t need sharpening as often, you should be sharpening your blades at least at the beginning of every season.

To check if they’re bent, simply hold the blades up to your eye and look down the length of them for any deviation in the blade.

What Are Meg-Mo Rotary Mulching Blades

Meg-Mo rotary mulching blades are aimed at getting rid of all those pesky problems that traditional blades come with.

Meg-Mo Rotary Mulching Blades

Meg-Mo blades are made from harder steel and have twice the cutting edge compared to other rotary mulching blades. The harder steel makes the blades less likely to dull or bend – but that’s not to say they’re impossible to dull or bend.

The main appeal of these rotary mulching blades besides the high-quality steel is that they make your lawn clippings disappear. You’ll never have to use a bag or make another pass on your lawn with these bad boys.

These blades also cut so finely that they don’t leave behind clumps either. Double the blades mean twice as fine of a cut.

What Do People Generally Think About Meg Mo Blades

Meg-Mo rotary mulching blades are some of the finest blades in lawn care and customer reviews show it.

They have almost half a million happy customers in the United States and that number continues to grow every year with more and more interested customers.

Meg-Mo also has superior customer service compared to other manufacturers because they know how you’ve spent on their product and they want to ensure that everyone stays happy.

The problems you may encounter while using Meg-Mo system blades are often not a result of the blades themselves and can easily be fixed at home.

Where To Buy Meg Mo Blades

You can use this link to purchase Meg-Mo blades. They have a fairly simple ordering process where you just fill in your lawn mower’s information such as model, deck size, and spindle size.

They then pair you up with the right size rotary mulching blades and ship the custom-made blades directly to you.


You might also be able to find them in stock at a local lawn mower wholesaler or dealer near you.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to search for local dealers using Meg-Mo’s online store, so you’ll have to call around to check.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How do you sharpen Meg-Mo rotary mulching blades?

Meg-Mo rotary mulching blades stay sharper longer than your usual mower blade, but they still may need the occasional sharpening.

To sharpen your rotary mulching blades, take them off your mower and put them in a vice. You should wear cut-proof gloves while handling these blades.

After you have it secured in the vice, begin using a metal file and stroke in one direction matching the angle of the blade.

Continue sharpening until there are no nicks left in the blade and it gives your grass a clean cut.

What is the purpose of a high-lift mower blade?

High-lift mower blades are better at circulating and expelling clippings out from the deck of the lawn mower.

They’re great for scattering clippings across the lawn or keeping the underside of the deck free from buildups of clippings.

You can tell if your mower blade is high-lift by checking the ends of the blades. High-lift blades will have one edge bent at an upwards angle to create that suction needed to take the clippings and throw them out of the deck.


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