Simplicity Manufacturing has 100 years of experience designing and building tractors and mowers for residential use.

Simplicity tractor owners prefer them for their premium features that are sure to upgrade your lawn’s cut and mowing experience.

One of their most reliable models is the Simplicity Broadmoor. While the Broadmoor is known for its quality and reliability, there may occasionally be some hiccups after years of use.

Here are some of the most common Simplicity Broadmoor problems you may encounter.

Common Simplicity Broadmoor Problems

Luckily for you, the most common problems are often the easiest to get fixed. Things like starting issues and steering problems can often be fixed at home with spare parts.

Proper maintenance and routine checks can often help you avoid these common problems.

Remember, Simplicity mowers come with a 3-year warranty. Be sure to call your dealer to check if your mower is still under warranty.

1. Simplicity Broadmoor Starting Problems

Simplicity Broadmoor Starting Problems

If you’re having trouble getting your Broadmoor to start or simply can’t get it to start at all, here are some of the most common things to cause that problem.

Things To Check

One of the first things you want to check is your battery. A dead or half-charged battery won’t give your spark plug enough juice to make a spark.

If your battery is dead, you will need to replace it.

You should also check your spark plug. Make sure it isn’t burnt or that the gap on the spark plug is the right size for the Broadmoor.

Spark plugs are easy to replace and a cheap fix.

The Push Start Control Panel has been known to go bad on these models. If that’s the case, other owners have reported the same problem and you’ll have to take it to a dealer to get repaired.

If you didn’t know it already, the parking brake must be engaged in order for the engine to start. If your parking brake is engaged, the tractor may not be sensing it.

Ensure that your parking brake is working properly in order to start the engine.

2. Transmission Release Lever

Transmission Release Lever

Some owners have reported that their lawn mower is having problems with the transmission or the transmission release lever. If you are one of those, here are some things to take a look at.

Things To Check

First things first, check your transmission fluid levels. Make sure your transmission fluid is topped off and that the fluid is free of debris.

It shouldn’t be discolored either as these are all signs of other serious problems.

If the fluid has debris in it or is miscolored, flush your transmission as the fluid will need to be replaced.

If your tractor is basically stuck in neutral and you can freely push it around, check the transmission release lever located at the back of the tractor.

With the tractor off and in park, make sure the lever isn’t in its “release” position. By resetting the lever you’ll engage the transmission and you can put your tractor into gear again.

Lastly, check the drive belt on your Broadmoor. Sometimes the drive belt can become worn or loose after years of use. You may need to adjust your belt or purchase a replacement.

3. Parking Brake Problems

The parking brake is a vital part of the Broadmoor as it does more than just keep the tractor in place when not in use. The parking brake is often part of startup safety on these tractors and the engine will not start if it’s not engaged.

If you’re having trouble with your emergency brake, check out these fixes.

Things To Check

With the tractor wheels blocked, the engine off, and the emergency brake disengaged, remove the cutting deck and locate the brake spring.

Check the brake spring for movement, there should be no more than .002″ of clearance between the spring and the adjustment nut. This nut can get corroded and come loose over time, so make sure it’s tightened to spec.

4. Steering Wheel Problems

Steering Wheel Problems

When you’re using your Broadmoor if you need to constantly adjust the steering wheel to go straight, here are a few things you can check to fix it.

Things To Check

Check that your steering linkage and gears are properly lubricated. Make sure that there isn’t too much lubricant or too little.

While you’re under there, take a look at the universal joint and make sure it’s tight. You’ll need a hex wrench to tighten the two bolts.

You should also take a look at the steering shaft. There will be teeth on the gears that can get worn down over time and can cause steering wheels to bind when you try to turn them.

5. PTO Clutch Issues

If you’re having problems with your mower blades not starting after they’ve been engaged, you may have a problem with your PTO clutch.

Things To Check

One of the most likely culprits is the PTO switch. This part often goes bad and needs to be replaced.

If you’re one of the unlucky few and keep burning out your PTO switch, you may have a bad PTO. If that’s the case, you’ll need to replace your PTO clutch itself instead of just the switch.

Another thing you may have to check and reset is the air gap on your PTO. You should also make sure the PTO isn’t tight.

If it’s too tight it won’t engage properly. Just loosen it and you should be good to go.

Simplicity Broadmoor Specs

Depending on which model of the Broadmoor you purchase, you can have different size mower decks and engine power.

The Broadmoor comes in 23-horsepower and 25-horsepower models. The mower deck size varies from 44 inches all the way up to 52 inches.

All Broadmoor models will come with Simplicity’s free floating mower deck, suspension comfort system, deluxe control panel, adjustable electric mower decks, and their Briggs & Stratton reliable engine.

These lawnmowers come with Simplicity’s consumer warranty that covers the mower for 3 years.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What happened to Simplicity mowers?

Simplicity mowers are still being manufactured and Simplicity was recently purchased by Briggs & Stratton in 2004.

Who owns Simplicity mowers now?

Simplicity Manufacturing is owned by Briggs & Stratton since 2004. Briggs & Stratton is a large company with many different product lines but they originally focused on gasoline-powered engines.

How much does a Simplicity Broadmoor cost?

A 2022 Simplicity Broadmoor 44 IN. Briggs & Stratton Professional Series 23 HP lawn mower will run you about $5,249. Other models can cost between $4,949 and $7,699.


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