Cub Cadet makes some of the most well reviewed mowers on the market. Their zero turn mowers are very popular. How will they fair with the SC100H push mower?






Ease of Use



The 15 gauge stamped steel deck sits on 8″ wheels all around. There are 6 settings between 1.25″ and 3.75″ to raise and lower the deck, adjustable via levers at the front and back wheels.

Cutting options include side discharge, bagging or mulching. The deck also has their SmartJet wash system for attaching a garden hose to the deck to wash out after every cut.

There are 3 handlebar adjustments on the Cub Cadet SC100H mower that should allow for comfortable mowing positions for people of any height.

As far as the engine goes it is a 160cc OHV Honda engine, regarded as a very fine engine for this type of mower. It features an easy start system so no priming needed.

Cub Cadet’s SC100H Mower does weigh in at 71 lbs so it is a little bit heavy, and remember this is not a self propelled mower so it is recommended for mostly flat yards of less than an acre (probably 1/4 acre ideally) unless you really want some exercise.

There is one important thing you should check. When first pulling the mower out of the box make sure the handle extensions are pulled all the way out (so the blade can spin without hitting them) – one person mentioned had he not adjusted these the blade would have hit them on start up. Just something to be mindful of so you don’t damage anything.

Overall everyone seems very happy with quality of cut they get out of this mower.


Click here to read the full warranty for the Cub Cadet SC100H Push Mower
Service Manual for the Cub Cadet SC100H Mower


Final Thoughts

This is a fine mower. It seems like most complaints about this mower revolve around shipping issues, so it’s hard to really fault Cub Cadet for that.

I think if you have a fairly flat yard and are particularly interested in having the Honda engine then this will make a nice choice.



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– Brandon