We all want to keep our lawns in pristine condition. But accomplishing an immaculate lawn is practically impossible with a conventional mower. That’s why professional landscapers and avid gardeners use either a riding lawn mower or zero turn mower.

The quality and comfort you get out of a professional riding lawn mower is matchless. Riders can adjust trimming settings for getting the desired length of the grass and also cut down the mowing time. Moreover, you keep sitting cozily the whole time while you take care of your lawn.

It is also important that you buy the best yet affordable riding mower to enjoy the ease that comes with this sophisticated piece of equipment. It also takes regular maintenance to maintain the efficiency of a lawn mower.

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Let’s look at 4 ways you can get the most performance with your lawn mower.

Riding Comfort

There are many factors that contribute to a comfortable ride. Is the mower’s seat cushioned to provide you with enough riding comfort? Does it have a back support?

Moreover, the controls should be also easy enough to use and the foot pedals must be easily accessible. Some users don’t like the feel of holding the steering wheel or levers since they are at uncomfortable angle or height. You should also check for other factors such as how easy it is to detach and reattach the catcher or mulch-plug.

Since, ride-on mowers generally weigh in at 400lbs or above, these are heavy-duty equipment pieces. As the rider gets on top of the mower, the added weight raises the center of gravity. There are many zero-turn models which are engineered for commercial use in which the driver sits more comfortably.

Although a manual transmission serves as a great option, a hydrostatic/automatic solid model lets users speed up, reverse or slow down without having to change gears. Users also can get cruise control on some mowers. This eases the discomfort you may experience during long mowing sessions.

A comfortable ride will mean you are able to mow at a faster pace, as in, cutting more yard in less time!

Clean the Mower Deck

A unit’s mower deck is one of the most important accessories for trimming your lawn. Hence, cleaning it regularly is an absolute must. For giving your mower deck a thorough cleansing, detach the belt guards surrounding the deck. These guards collect a lot of lawn clippings and debris inside the mower deck. Make sure to give these parts a thorough scrub. Then take an air compressor or a leaf blower to blow the underside of the deck.

If your mower has deck wash ports you can attach a garden hose and engage the blades to really clean the underside of the deck.

When you get rid of a significant amount of debris, give it one last cleansing and hose down the area. In case you still have too many clippings hanging on, you may have to get rid of them manually by scraping debris off with a scraper.

Preventative Maintenance

To make your mowing experience more enjoyable, we also suggest you routinely replace the oil and filter in your riding mower. This practice allows you to run your mower smoothly, particularly during a hot season.

Make sure to change your unit’s oil per manufacturer’s recommendations. This might be somewhere around 10-25 hours of use depending on your mower. Always remember to start up the mower when you intend to change the oil. Let it run for a couple minutes then shut it off. This will help the oil to drain out faster. Once you start draining the oil you can pop the oil fill cap to help with draining also.

Also, remember to check your air filter often. If you find yourself needing to blow it out often, you should probably change it. Using compressed air on the pleats could create little pinholes over time that will allow dirt right into the engine.

Other ways to get better performance out of your lawn mower is to take care of your mower’s spark plugs. Owing to excessive wear and tear, spark plugs can result into everything from incompetent fuel economy to engine troubles. Thankfully, all these components are available at affordable prices.

Hence, changing these should not be a big problem. Disconnect the battery and simply unscrew the old one and replace it with a new spark plug.

Lastly, it is fairly common to overlook deflated tires that can affect your experience. Check for the suggested air pressure levels if you want to keep your unit’s tires in good condition. Moreover, always look out for any wear and tear signs. Damaged tires lead to limited mobility and a poor lawn riding mower performance.

Keep Mower Blades Sharp

If your mower fails to perform at its peak, despite carrying out all the maintenance routines, it might be time to switch out your blades. This is especially the case when the grass doesn’t look as trim as usual.

Dull mower blades result in more stress on the belt guards and the engine. Unless a user has enough prior experience, he should not attempt to sharpen the blades himself. It is a great idea to seek professional help to avoid unpleasant accidents. A DIY project for sharpening the blades involves removing the mower deck, loosening the blade bolts and sharpening them with a metal file or grinder.

Bottom Line

Always buy units that come with a reliable warranty. Other factors to consider to ensure a great mower riding experience include engine power, deck size, power, turning radius and transmission type. Always consider the size of your lawn and your mowing needs before investing your hard-earned money on a fancy riding lawnmower.

These machines are ideal for users who have to cover a large area of land and don’t like the idea of pushing a lawn mower. Choosing a machine that fits your needs and budget is a great investment.


I am very passionate about lawns and mowers and offer my unbiased review towards everything that goes on this site. I research several pages, specs, videos, forums and other reviews of each mower before I post about it so you don't have to.