EGO is redefining the battery powered lawn care market. They have many other 56v products and all are pretty impressive. Let’s take a closer look at this weed eater.






Ease of Use


Weed Eater

Let’s first address the one issue that keeps popping up in reviews. Battery life. There are enough reviews out there that I feel the need to mention this, some people have problems with the battery failing right around the 1 year mark.

Other people tend to have some battery life issues from the start, IE the battery only lasts 10-15 minutes when it should last at least 27-30 minutes (official battery time.)

Warranty will generally replace the batteries if there is an issue but a lot of people note that is also a pain.

It’s important to keep in mind that these reviews are the minority and EGO is selling thousands and thousands of these weed eaters, so there are going to be issues no matter what.

Outside of that, the rest of the weed eater is quite nice.

The EGO 56v Weed Eater features a carbon fiber shaft which gives it a lot of strength but also anti-vibration features. It also makes this lawn trimmer lighter, to the tune of just under 12 pounds.

For the size of this weed eater (71.81″ long and 15″ cutting diameter) that is a pretty low weight. However if you feel it will still be too heavy you can always add a weed eater strap.

Probably the most well liked feature on this mower is the “PowerLoad” line loading feature. This trimmer uses 0.095″ trimmer line and all you have to do is feed it through the head, make sure it is equal length on both sides and push a button to wind it up. It saves one of the most time consuming issues for most people with weed eaters.

The EGO ST1521S lawn trimmer also features bump advance on the trimmer head to advance some more line out as you go by bumping the head on the ground.

A 5 year warranty also accompanies this EGO trimmer.


Click here to read the full warranty for the EGO 56v 15″ Weed Eater With Powerload
Service Manual for EGO 56v Trimmer ST1521S


Final Thoughts

As long as you get a good battery with your trimmer, this is a very nice weed eater. Definitely not a cheap plastic toy.

The nice thing is the battery also interchanges with all of the other EGO battery operated 56v tools so you can add a blower or mower and tons more to your collection.



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– Brandon