ECHO has long been known for its lawn accessories so will this weed eater live up to the name?






Ease of Use


Weed Eater

This ECHO SRM-266 lawn trimmer has a powerful 25.4cc engine to destroy any weeds in your way.

It weighs 13.4 pounds and while that doesn’t seem like a lot it will definitely start to feel heavy after a long time of using it.

There is a large 17″ cutting swath on this trimmer. That means that if you just held the weed eater on the ground while cutting it would cut a 17″ diameter circle.

The nicest thing about this weed eater is the speed feed head. This allows a much faster re-stringing of the weed eater. I know I’ve had some frustrating experiences where trying to restring the trimmer takes longer than the trimming itself.

You can watch the video below to see how easy it is to reload the weed eater.


Click here to read the full warranty for the ECHO SRM-266 Lawn Trimmer
Service Manual for the ECHO SRM-266 Weed Eater


Final Thoughts

This weed eater is not going to be for the average home owner with a small yard. The ECHO SRM-266 Weed Eater is going to be if you have a lot of trimming work to do. This is a “prosumer” model which shows with the 5 year residential warranty and 2 year commercial warranty.

If you want a heavy duty weed eater with some bite then this is a good one to go for.



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