RYOBI makes affordable tools for everyone’s budget. Let’s take a look at the RYOBI 18v ONE+ P2030 Weed Eater






Ease of Use


Weed Eater

This RYOBI weed eater is part of their ONE+ cordless family which means the battery will interchange with their family of over 125 other cordless items.

A 1.3 Ah battery and charger accompany the trimmer. Keep in mind the battery might only last you 10-15 minutes (lots of reports in this range) but some people have managed up to 30 minutes on one charge. It will take about 1 hour to fully recharge the battery.

This weed eater is fairly small at only 42″ overall length.

One neat thing about this trimmer is that the shaft rotates and allows it to become a sidewalk edger.

The cut width is 10″ and this does have the auto bump feed where when you bump the head on the ground it should send out a little more string.

Keep in mind that it only has one end with string coming out (not both sides of the head like some other trimmers) and you will need to buy pre-wound string spools to work with this weed eater.


Click here to read the full warranty for the RYOBI ONE+ 18v String Trimmer
Service Manual for RYOBI 18v Weed Eater P2030


Final Thoughts

This is definitely a weed eater for people with smaller yards and not a ton of trim work to do. You’ll need to plan on either being able to do what you need to do in about 10 minutes or have some spare batteries handy.

As long as you know the limitations of this weed whacker, it definitely has a lot of value to the average homeowner as the price is hard to beat.



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