A mulching kit offers the best way to transform your lawn mower into a mulcher. The mulch kit recycles the lawn clippings while mowing and spreads them back onto the lawn with each pass. As you change the mower’s regular blades into mulching blades, the arrangement eliminates the need to accumulate, rake or bag the leftover lawn clippings.

This is why adding a mulching kit to a mower is quickly becoming popular. It is a great practice for your lawn. It doesn’t matter if you are mulching leaves or lawn clippings; the process saves valuable money, time and labor.

Say good-bye to bagging, raking or hauling away clippings or leaves. A mulching kit saves a great deal of time since it is about 60% quicker than collection. The component reduces the time spent on taking care of the grass box. There are no heaps of grass to dispose off.

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The mulching blade works completely different than a grass collection blade as it cuts and re-cuts the grass clipping to minuscule particles. All small particles are blown downwards so they remain out of sight. The grass slithers disintegrate within hours and also deposit major nutrients including phosphate, potash and nitrogen. These particles go back in to the lawn as micro-organisms and worms carry these nutrients back into the soil.

How Mulching Benefits Your Lawn?

According to a recent government waste project, a regular half-acre lawn is capable of producing up to 4.5 tons of grass clippings every season. All wasted clippings carry over 100 pounds of nitrogen. But if you had opted for a mulching kit, you would’ve gotten enough nitrogen for keeping your lawn as healthy as using a commercial-grade fertilizer.

Another major benefit is that your lawn gets a steady natural diet with every cut, instead of periodic high doses of chemical fertilizers.

Grass clippings also contain crucial elements such as calcium, iron, magnesium and many others in little amounts. However, all these compounds are great for keeping your lawn in a great shape.

Some lawn owners wonder whether they would need to cut more often when using a mulch mower. The answer is no. It is important that you cut your grass on a regular schedule, at least once a week and avoid shaving your lawn. Don’t cut your lawn too short.

If you want your lawn to look like a golf course, you should know that golf courses have thousands of dollars spent on top dressing, hollow tine coring, and drainage or spraying. Hence, expecting your lawn to look like a golf course is expecting too much out of your garden.

When you cut your lawn at frequent intervals, you are able to leave the grass at a reasonable length to enhance the appearance of your lawn.

The market is filled with various mulch kits in models that are appropriate for both tractor-style and riding mowers as well as regular push mowers.

Mulching aids your lawn to retain the necessary amount of moisture for keeping your lawn strong and healthy. Gardening experts recommend lawn owners to bag all clippings since these can be transformed into natural fertilizers for helping your grass grow uniformly.

The combination of mulching and mowing save valuable effort and time since the mulching kit successfully cuts and re-cuts all grass blade cuttings into minute particles. These particles are barely visible with the naked eye.

The lawn stays trimmed and clean and reaps the many benefits of key nutrients present in grass clippings.

Mulching reduces lawn maintenance since you no longer have to bag the clippings. There are no bags to empty and no grass piles to discard. This is why homeowners who have large lawns must get hold of a good mulching kid to reduce labor and dependence on fertilizers.

Mulching Versus Bagging

Although mulching kits offer a multitude of benefits, it may not offer the best of results when your grass has
grown too long. In case it has been a long time since you last cut your grass, mowing it will result in cutting more than one-third of the blade’s entire length. Naturally, you would then want to bag your clipping rather than using a mulcher. Long clippings or larger clumps are not going to look great and you may need to distribute all clippings evenly over the lawn.

Kits vs. Mowers

Most lawn owners don’t know whether to invest in a mulching kit or a mulching mower.

The key benefit of choosing a mulch kit over a mulch mower is that these kits are especially designed for performing the mulching operation with perfection. Lawn owners can easily detach the mulch kit in case they want to revert back to their original configuration.

Another great benefit is the cost. If you already own a good lawn mower that is in a perfect condition, you don’t have to replace it. Simply buy a good quality and compatible mulching kit for your lawn mower and you are ready to go.

How Mulching Kits Work

With a mulching kit, you can slightly alter the standard blades to function as a mulcher. Basically, the mulch blades break down the grass clippings into much smaller pieces than regular blades. This makes the smaller pieces decompose at a quicker rate than larger clippings would. You are actually rolling back all critical nutrients back into the soil for nourishing the grass.

Final Thoughts

You can purchase a wide variety of mulching kits for a variety of deck sizes and mowers. Mulch kits come with a plug, a set of blades and the essential hardware for connecting the kit to a mower. The blades draw the grass into the deck and cut the grass into finer bits while the plug closes the unit’s discharge opening. This way you confine the clippings under the deck instead of expelling them outward.


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