Gravely is known for making the best commercial and residential zero-turn mowers on the market today.

With that being said, you may encounter some problems if you use your zero-turn mower often and forget to follow the proper maintenance procedures.

If you’re having trouble, here are seven of the most common problems with the Gravely ZT lawn mower and how to fix them.

Gravely ZT HD 52 Zero Turn Lawn Mower Problems

Thanks to Gravely’s superior build quality, most of the problems you may encounter can be fixed at home and prevented with proper maintenance.

Be sure to read your manual thoroughly to find out all the regular maintenance you need to do on your zero-turn mower.

Gravely ZT HD 52 Zero Turn Lawn Mower Problems

Problem With ZT 52 Mower Starting

If your Gravely lawn mower won’t start, it’s probably caused by a lack of fuel, air, or a spark.

Begin by ensuring your fuel tank has enough juice in it and that your fuel filter or fuel lines aren’t restricting the flow of fuel to the engine from the fuel tank.

Avoid using old fuel or fuel that appears to be contaminated. That’s an easy way to damage the engine on your zero-turn mower.

Engines need air for combustion. Your Gravely ZT will have an air intake along with an air filter.

Ensure that the air filter is not clogged with debris from lawn clippings and whatnot.

The last thing needed for combustion is a spark. The spark plug on your Gravely lawn mower shouldn’t look burnt or broken.

You should be checking the spark plug on your lawn mower about once a season anyways, but if you’re having starting problems, this is a good part to check.

You should also check the battery. The spark plugs use the battery to generate the spark.

A dead battery isn’t going to give the power needed to generate that spark for ignition.

Traction Issues On Wet Ground

Traction issues aren’t related to any mechanical part of the Gravely lawn mower.

If your zero-turn lawn mower often slips on wet ground, you might be interested in purchasing tires with better tread for that situation.

You can also try lowering your tire pressure so that more of the tire is in contact with the ground.

You could also avoid operating lawn mowers in wet conditions. Cutting grass when wet is not recommended anyways.

Hydrostatic Transmission Issues

Hydrostatic transmission issues aren’t exactly uncommon when it comes to any zero-turn mower on the market.

You should immediately check your hydraulic oil levels and the filter. Your fluid shouldn’t be dirty, and the filter shouldn’t restrict the flow of the fluid.

You should perform a hydraulic oil change every hundred hours or so of run time.

On older zero-turn lawn mowers, it’s not uncommon for a belt to snap. Check that your belts are in good working condition and not frayed or broken.

Gravely ZT HD 52 Engine Problems

While the engine on a Gravely mower is built to last, there are a few problems that might pop up after years of use.

Gravely ZT HD 52 Engine

Engine Runs Rough

If you notice your engine is making weird noises or isn’t running as smoothly as it used to, you may need to change your engine oil or unclog the mower deck.

Both of these things can impact engine performance and are often overlooked by homeowners.

Simply make sure you have the proper engine oil level, it’s clean, and the mower deck isn’t clogged with lawn clippings and mulch.

Engine Overheats

An overheating engine is often caused by a lack of cooling and not enough lubrication.

Change your oil and oil filter if your oil is dirty or low.

Make sure there’s enough coolant in the system as well and that the radiator is not blocked or clogged.

Dust and grass clippings often find their way into the radiator and can affect its heat transfer abilities.

Deck Vibration Issues

Deck vibration issues are often caused by loose cutting blades, bent blades, or a clogged mower deck.

Deck Vibration

With the mower completely off, examine the blades and ensure that they are securely attached to the mower and that they are not wildly bent.

Bent blades will also give you an uneven cut. You can also take this time to examine the cutting edge on the blades and make sure it’s sharp.

If the blades seem okay, check for any debris that is stuck to the underside of the deck.

Clippings that build up underneath will begin to cause uneven cuts or for the deck to vibrate.

Gravely ZT HD 52 Produces Uneven Cut

An uneven cut is almost certainly caused by the blades, uneven tire pressures, or a clogged lawn mower deck.

Check that the blades aren’t bent or dulled so badly that they can’t cut properly.

An easy way to check if they’re bent is to hold them against another flat surface like a work table or floor.

Uneven tire pressures can cause the lawn mower to lean slightly to one side or another. Ensure all tires are properly aired before you begin cutting.

Lastly, a deck clogged with grass clippings can cause your lawn mower blades not to cut properly.

Gravely Lawn Mower Leaks Gas

If your Gravely Zero-Turn is leaking gas, you have a serious problem on your hands.

Try to find the source of the leak by following where the gas is leaking from.

You may have to check all the fuel tank, fuel lines, connections, fuel filter, and fuel pump to try and find the leak if it isn’t readily apparent.

Gravely Zero Turn Warranty

Remember, a Gravely lawn mower has a warranty that you should use if you’re about to face a costly repair caused by a defective part.

Gravely Zero-turn HD mowers have a warranty that lasts 4 years or 500 operating hours, whichever comes first.

Until then, Gravely will repair or replace any defective part that is not a result of improper use or poor maintenance.

When in doubt, we suggest bringing your mower to a professional repair shop, local dealer, or contacting Gravely’s warranty department to figure out your next options.

Gravely ZT HD 52 Zero Turn Mower Maintenance Tips

You should always check the following before operating your Gravely ZT HD 52 if you want to keep it running in tip-top shape.

Maintenance Tips

Check Engine Oil Level

A motor running on low or no oil is going to overheat and break quicker than you can react.

Before operating your zero-turn Gravely lawn mower, simply check the oil level and ensure it’s at the manufacturer’s recommended level before operating.

Top it off with additional oil if it’s low. If your mower is constantly low on oil, you have a leak somewhere and will need to find it.

Check Tire Pressure

Low pressure will cause your zero-turn mower to give your lawn an uneven cut.

If you’d like, you can use a pressure gauge to check the tire pressure, but you should be able to simply press against the tire and feel if it’s full enough.

Consistently low tire pressure indicates a leaky valve stem or a punctured tire. Check for nails or other sharp objects in the tire.

Simply walk around and check the tires before you start mowing, and you’ll never have a problem.

Check And Clean The Air Filter

A clogged air filter will impede engine performance or even cause starting issues.

Simply remove the air filter and ensure it’s free from debris, dust, clippings, and anything else that can impede the flow of air to the engine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How often should you change the oil in a Gravely zero-turn mower?

You should change the oil in your Gravely zero-turn mower every 50 hours or at least at the start of the mowing season.

Is Gravely ZT HD 52" commercial?

Gravely themselves state that the ZT HD 52" is built to commercial standards and is a commercial mower for all intents and purposes.

The only thing separating it from a commercial mower is that it stays at your house instead of being used at a lawn care company.

How much does a Gravely ZT HD 52 cost?

A brand new Gravely ZT HD 52 will run you about $6,500. That price may vary depending on the dealer you purchase it from.


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