Two of the top names when it comes to zero-turn mowers are Gravely and Ariens. When it comes to Gravely vs Ariens, it can be hard to decide which brand comes ahead.

We’ve looked at different zero-turn mower models from each company and compared their features and quality to try and decide which brand is the best choice for you.

Quick Comparison Of Gravely VS Ariens

We couldn’t find a drastic difference between Gravely and Ariens zero-turn mowers, but there are some differences you should know about before your next big purchase.

Here’s a quick comparison between each company and their popular models when looking at various metrics such as engine power, speed, cost, and more.

Commercial Or Residential Use

There is a clear winner in lineups here regarding commercial-use zero-turn mowers. Gravely has a more robust and broader selection of zero-turn mowers based on commercial use.

That said, you can use models from either brand for residential or commercial use depending on the model you pick.

For commercial use, Gravely has the Pro-Turn Z lineup as its commercial model, while Ariens has its new Zenith line focused on commercial business owners or large residential properties.

Gravely’s largest mower has a deck of 72″ and a max horsepower of 38.5, while Ariens’s heavy-duty commercial mower has just 23.5 horsepower and a deck of 60″.

For residential use, they both have many mowers with different decks, powers, and features to fit every homeowner’s needs.

Both companies have smaller zero-turn mowers with deck sizes of just 34″ to make it easier to maneuver through gated areas or around objects in a lawn.

Even if you have a large lawn that is up to several acres in size, either company will have a mower for you.


Ariens mowers can come with one of several different engines. The Apex, Zenith, and IKON lineups come with different Kawasaki brand engines.

The Edge models come with Briggs & Stratton EXi2000 Twin motors or a Kawasaki FR651V Twin engine.

The Briggs & Stratton engine has 20hp, while the Kawasaki engines range from 21.5 to 24 horsepower, depending on the model.

On the other hand, Gravely has a way more powerful lineup on their commercial zero-turn mowers. While they still use Kawasaki engines on most of their products, they also use their Gravely-made engines to power their lawnmowers.

While the highest horsepower an Ariens zero turn mower has is 24 horsepower, Gravely offers the Pro-Turn 600 with a whopping 38.5 horsepower.

Cutting Deck Size

Gravely zero turn mowers have a wide variety of deck sizes in stock ranging from 34″ to 72″.

Their Compact Pro with the 34″ deck is great for homeowners with gates or small objects in the yard that the operator will need to navigate around.

The Pro-Turn 600 with a 72″ size deck is a beast that is perfect for large acreage properties and professional landscapers looking to upgrade their capabilities.

Ariens mowers have smaller deck sizes, built around mowing smaller residential or commercial properties. Their smallest deck size is 34″, while their largest is 60″.

Riding Comfort

Both brands have comfortable seats with armrests and ergonomically gripped handles. The seats are typically high back for better support and seat springs or seat isolation.

They also feature great suspension systems to give you a smoother ride while you go over rough or uneven terrain.


When it comes to price, there is a clear winner. Gravely mowers are more expensive at a glance compared to Ariens mowers.

An Apex 48 from Ariens runs you about 5,800 dollars. A comparable mower from Gravely, the ZTH HD 44, will cost about 12,500 dollars!


Most Ariens mowers can move at a top speed of eight miles an hour. On the other hand, Gravely zero-turn mowers can move at various speeds.

While they have mowers that top out at eight miles an hour, the most powerful zero-turn mower can move at a speedy 15mph.

Unless you’re doing large commercial work on big properties, 8 miles an hour should be a fast enough top speed for any application.


Both companies offer decent product warranties and often stand by their guarantees. Judging from their coverage and time Gravely has a better warranty guarantee than Ariens.

Ariens zero-turn mowers will have between a 2-year and 4-year warranty or 150 – 750 hour warranty.

Gravely zero-turn mowers are warranted for longer on average at 4-5 years and 500-1500 hours.

Gravely Zero Turn Mowers

Gravely zero-turn mowers have high price tags, and for a good reason.

They’re made from excellent materials and are considered to be some of the most reliable riding mowers on the market.

If you’re in the market for a new zero-turn mower, you should consider at least researching Gravely zero-turn mowers before you make your final decision.

They’re consistently highly rated by their owners and have a warranty covering you from head to toe.

Check out a local dealer near you if you’re interested in learning more about Gravely mowers.

Gravely ZT HD

The Gravely ZT HD is considered to be Gravely’s entry-level mower class. Depending on the model you purchase, you can expect to cut 3-5 acres of land every hour.

Gravely ZT HD

The Gravely ZT HD has a variety of deck sizes from 44″ to 60″, giving you more options for cutting sizes.

This model comes with either a Kawasaki or Kohler engine that is sure to be powerful enough to cut through grass with ease.

Gravely Pro-Turn

The Gravely Pro-Turn Z series is a great lineup of commercial mowers and should be strongly considered by any business owner.

Gravely Pro-Turn

Like other Gravely models, the Pro-Turn series has cutting-edge features when it comes to comfort and cutting power.

The Pro-Turn mowers come with a powerful motor that has enough engine power to handle any job efficiently and quickly.

Gravely Compact Pro

Not intended for commercial purposes, The Gravely Zero-Turn Compact Pro is for homeowners with properties too large for a push mower or your standard riding mower.

Gravely Compact Pro

The 34″ can be maneuvered carefully around objects in your lawn or through gates on your property.

The Compact Pro comes with all of Gravely’s great comfort features such as its high back seats and suspension system.

The price can be a bit high compared to other mowers, but it is well worth it.

Ariens Zero Turn Mowers

Ariens has 4 different lineups of zero-turn mowers, each one different from the other.

While each one comes with Ariens quality craftmanship and features, they’re all intended for different applications.

You won’t be able to find these at the big box store. Instead, you’ll have to find a dealer near you.

Ariens IKON

IKON is Ariens standard level zero-turn mower. They range in different sizes and can come with two different engines.

Ariens IKON

The 42″ and 48″ come with the Kawasaki FR651V 21.5hp engine. They can handle smaller lawns and are great for all-around lawn care.

The 52″ and 60″ come with a slightly more powerful engine, the Kawasaki FR691V 23hp engine.

All IKON models come with the Envy Elite cutting deck that is designed to increase airflow to give your lawn a better cut and avoid damaging it.

Ariens Zenith

Designed to be a commercial unit, the Zenith is Ariens largest and most powerful zero-turn mower.

Ariens Zenith

With a 60″ deck and a 23.5hp Kawasaki engine, the Zenith can handle large landscaping jobs and also be comfortably used by a homeowner with a large amount of acreage.

It can use a variety of attachments from Ariens such as mulching kits, baggers, and larger tires for better handling on rough terrain or slopes.

Ariens Apex

Ariens Apex is an upgraded lineup of the IKON models.

With more powerful Kawasaki or Kohler engines and larger decks, the Apex models are perfect for residential or commercial purposes.

Ariens Apex

The 4-year warranty Ariens Apex mowers come with will give you peace of mind as you operate the mower from a comfortable seat sitting atop fully-welded steel frames.

Ariens Apex zero-turn mowers are reasonable prices at $5,799-5,999 depending on the deck size. This is a steal compared to Gravely’s prices.

Ariens Edge

Residential owners looking for a zero-turn mower that is inexpensive, but still reliable should consider the Ariens Edge lineup.

Ariens Edge

At just $3,399, you can own your very own zero-turn mower that is sure to outclass and outpace any riding or push mower.

While the Gravely Compact Pro is great too, it is simply too expensive when compared to the Edge models from Ariens.

The smallest model has a 34″ cutting deck while the largest is 54″ ensuring there is a size for any homeowner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Are Ariens and Gravely the same company?

Ariens and Gravely are not the same company per se, but they are both owned by a parent company - AriensCo. AriensCo owns several companies producing outdoor products and equipment.

AriensCo purchased Gravely in 1982 and still owns the company to this day.

Does Husqvarna own Gravely?

Husqvarna does not own Gravely, a company known for its zero-turn mowers. Gravely was purchased by AriensCo in 1982 and is still owned by AriensCo to this day.

Is Ariens made in the USA?

Ariens products are designed and manufactured in Brillion, WI. Ariens has been located there for over 80 years and began manufacturing lawn equipment in 1933 with a gas-powered rototiller.


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