This EGO battery powered mower is recommended by 93% of their customers and carries a cumulative 4.7 star rating on thousands of reviews.

Let’s see what makes this environmentally friendly mower so popular.






Ease of Use



When you start to look closer at this mower you can tell a lot of thought went in to the overall design. They got the little things right.

The deck easily lifts between 6 positions up to 4 inches high with a lever by the wheels.

Self propelled is a nice feature on any mower, especially a battery powered mower. It is also adjustable via another lever to go anywhere between 1.8 MPH up to 3.6 MPH. This mower will also operate like any regular standard push mower, you do not need to use the self propelled feature (like maybe you don’t want to use it going down a slope, for example.)

With a lot of self propelled mowers going in reverse with the mower seems to be the biggest complaint. However, this mower can disengage the self propelled feature and easily be pulled backwards.

You can expect about 45 to 60 minutes of cutting time on the 7.5ah 56 volt battery, which seems to be good enough to do around 1/2 acre. The battery takes about 1-2 hours to fully charge from being drained.

The nice thing about this battery is it is interchangeable in all of EGOs other battery operated yard equipment. So you can go completely gas free for your whole yard work arsenal if you want.

A Weed Eater, Hedge Trimmer, Leaf Blower, Chainsaw and even a Snow Blower are just some of the other items EGO offers in the battery powered variety.

The mower itself is a 3 in 1 capable mower (bagging/mulching/side discharge) and the bag can hold 2 bushels worth of grass.

One other thing for people without a ton of storage space is this mower folds up into a very tight compact area very easily.


Click here to read the full warranty for the EGO 21 inch electric mower
Service Manual for EGO 56 Volt Mower


Final Thoughts

Obviously the main concern with any battery operated mower is the battery itself. Will it last? Will it fade? Well, EGO backs the battery and charger with 3 years of warranty.

For as many well thought out features as this mower has I think the price is not too bad.

If you are looking to avoid the hassles of getting and storing gas or checking/changing oil or maybe you just want to reduce your carbon footprint, this mower would make a great choice.



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– Brandon