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Today we will be looking at the John Deere E110 Gas Hydrostatic Lawn Tractor with 19HP engine with a 42” cutting deck. This model is a little more expensive but has great value and design despite just a few issues. Here we go!





Quality of Cut






Riding Comfort

The new John Deere operator station on the E110 lawn tractor has been ergonomically redesigned. It is wide and easy to mount and dismount. The seat is much more comfortable and gives pretty good support. Getting on and off the tractor in general is easy.

This particular model of John Deere lawn tractors has the new side-by-side 2 pedal foot controls for going forward and in reverse. It can be a little weird to get used to at first, but it hasn’t been a complaint from consumers up to this point.

The hood is also positioned so that the sound level isn’t too loud while riding.



The E110’s engine is an OEM, John Deere branded engine. John Deere states in the spec break down that this engine is actually manufactured by Briggs & Stratton (fine engine builders) but for John Deere.

Do not be confused. The John Deere E110 model lawn tractor does not have the new 30 Second Oil Change system found in models such as the E120, E130, and so on.

The hydrostatic transmission helps to give the E110 have a smoother ride. This is a preferred style of transmission because it can also reduce maintenance while extending the mower’s life.

Like many other John Deere models, the E110 has an hour meter to help you keep track of service intervals. Similar to odometers in cars, the hour meter lets you know how long the engine has run since day one.

The John Deere E110 Riding Mower also has a 2.4 gallon gas tank to get you through those longer mowing sessions.

Click here to read the full warranty on the John Deere E110 Riding Mower
Service Manual for John Deere E110 Lawn Tractor


Mower Handling and Performance

WARNING: You should always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for mowing hills, usually that means don’t mow a slope over 15 degrees. Try to attack the slope in an up and down manner instead of side to side (if you have to lean halfway off the mower to feel stable you’re probably exceeding recommendations!)

Most consumers applaud this easy to handle and navigate John Deere model. It takes low-grade slopes and tougher terrain without too much trouble. I have yet to see complaints about the way the E110 maneuvers around obstacles in yards.

The front wheels are 15”, and the rear wheels are 20.” These sizes should allow for pretty good traction on hills and uneven terrain. With 19 HP and plenty torque, this machine has met buyer expectations.

If you want, you also have the ability to mow while in reverse. As mentioned with many other riding mowers, it is discouraged to have the blades in motion while driving in reverse, though it is a beneficial feature to have on a mower.

Maximum forward speed is 5.5 MPH and you’ll have 3.2 maximum MPH in reverse.


Quality of Cut

John Deere is a well-known brand of lawn tractors, so this model with two blades and 19 HP performs with those same expectations in mind – time and time again, a good quality of cut for your yard.

The deck is made of 13-gauge stamped steel. The base has a fully welded steel frame with a cast iron front axle. Also, the way that John Deere designed the deep deck is good for preventing grass buildup. Plus, it is meant to increase the quality of cut.

The cutting levels for the John Deere E110 range from a minimum cutting height of 1” to a maximum of 4”. This height is easily adjusted via the re-designed mower deck lift lever.

The E110 gives you the option to bag, mulch, or use side discharge. The bagger and mulcher are sold separately if you would rather purchase one of those accessories. It really depends on your preference.



A wash port is included for better maintenance. This is great to keep your John Deere E110 free of buildup for less maintenance issues over years of use.

Nearly every common attachable accessory from spreaders, baggers, and more are sold separately for this model of John Deere E110 lawn tractor.

John Deere states that this model is equipped and great for mowing and hauling, but make sure not to haul anything too heavy with this machine. As a rule of thumb, hauling heavy loads regularly can cause quite the wear and tear on your mower. Mowing up and down steep hills can also add to the wear and tear.



The John Deere E110 has plenty torque and power to get your lawn mowed and does pretty well on gentle slopes. Decked out in the signature green and yellow, this lawn tractor is a stable and durable choice.

If you aren’t sure how to get started with a riding mower of this kind, maybe consider trying the “white glove delivery.” They deliver at your doorstep, assemble the John Deere E110, and educate you on how to operate your mower.



Affiliate Disclaimer – if you decide to purchase a mower based on my review, I do get a small piece of the sale. It helps to keep the lights on around here. I am very passionate about lawns and mowers and offer my unbiased review towards everything that goes on this site. I research several pages, specs, videos, forums and other reviews of each mower before I post about it so you don’t have to. If I wouldn’t buy it myself, I wouldn’t recommend it to you either.

– Brandon


I am very passionate about lawns and mowers and offer my unbiased review towards everything that goes on this site. I research several pages, specs, videos, forums and other reviews of each mower before I post about it so you don't have to.