Whether you call it a weed eater, weed wacker, or string trimmer you want a quality garden tool that will cut grass reliably every time you need it to.

Black Max as a company manufactures a number of quality garden power tools like mowers, chainsaws, and more.

The Black Max Weed Eater is a great trimmer if you’re currently in the market for a weed eater. Based on previous customer reviews, they’re known for reliability, quality, and a fair price.

Features Of This Black Max Weed Eater

The Black Max weed eater is powered by a 25cc 2 cycle full-crank engine. Black Max engineered the engine on this model to have a longer life and offer more power than comparable models.

Instead of a single line, the trimmer head on the Black Max features dual 0.095″ trimming strings for better cutting power.

Speaking of trimmer head, this tool uses a bump feed head. A bump feed head lets you wind up extra line in the spool that can be released as you cut by lightly tapping the head against the ground.

Once all the line has been used, its easy to re-string the trimmer with new line thanks to the bump feed head.

You can even add 6 different attachments to the head of the weed eater like an edger or even a brush cutter. Your old trimmer is sure to not have the versatility of the Black Max Weed Eater.

The ergonomic shaft on this weed eater is perfect for long use and user comfort. The Black Max has a perfectly straight shaft until the head where it curves downwards.

Things We Like About This String Trimmer

One of the first things we like about this string trimmer is the ability to put on different heads. Instead of having a cluttered shed or garage with different lawncare equipment, you can have this string trimmer and a number of different heads.

The 2 cycle 25cc engine on it ensures that even the brush cutter head will have no problem cutting through bushes and vines on your property.

The long straight shaft and ergonomic handles give you better control over the 17″ wide cutting area on the head of the trimmer.

It’s also easy to assemble right out of the box. You can get this delivered at noon and be cutting weeds in your yard before lunch is ready at 1.

Things We Don’t Like About This String Trimmer

Most customers love their string trimmer, but unfortunately for a select few they’ve encountered some problems.

Unfortunately, it seems from reviews that Black Max can drag their feet when it comes to warranties if you have not done routine maintenance and followed the maintenance guide included in the manual exactly as written.

If you do follow the recommended maintenance, you may not ever need the warranty – its better to be safe than sorry.

Black Max Weed Eater Problems

Like every piece of lawncare equipment, there are a few problems that customers often report with this string trimmer.

Luckily, they’re all fairly easy to fix or are covered by the Black Max warranty if you are still within two years of purchase and operate it personally and not for a business.

Trimmer Head

Trimmer Head

Trimmer heads can occasionally wear out and lose their functionality. This is expected to happen overtime with any string trimmer and can easily be fixed by purchasing a replacement trimming head.


If your string trimmer is overheating, you may have one of two problems. Make sure you’re using fresh, properly mixed 2 cycle fuel.

If there’s not enough oil in the gasoline mix, the engine will not be properly lubricated and can eventually overheat or break.

The cooling fins are clogged or dirty and not allowing the proper amount of air flow to keep your engine cool. Check the manual included with your weed eater to see how to access the cooling fins and how to properly clean them.

Engine Will Not Start

If you’re having trouble starting the engine on your string trimmer, there are a few things you can do at home to troubleshoot it.

Spark Plug

Often a dirty spark plug is the cause of engine problems, so always check this part first if you’re having trouble starting your string trimmer.

Replacing the spark plug or resetting the gap on it according to the manual should solve this problem.

Fuel Lines

Next, check that the engine is getting fuel. If you push the primer bulb and it doesn’t fill with fuel but it has a full fuel tank, a line may be blocked.

If this is the case, you need to call your local dealer or repair shop.

Flooded Engine

If fuel does fill the primer bulb, you may have a flooded engine and should proceed to the next step.

Often you can just let the weed eater sit and wait for the engine to drain. Once you’ve given it some time, set the choke to full, pull the starter grip, and quickly and repeatedly pull the cord until it starts.

Warranty Replacement Issues

Like all warranties, there is a good deal of fine print if you try and get your string trimmer repaired or replaced.

You can view the terms of the warranty online here, but a quick summary is that they will replace any Black Max product if it is faulty within two years – with caveats.

The damage to the string trimmer can’t be caused by user error or lack of maintenance. Be sure to stay up to date on your maintenance and not to use your weed eater in any way that might damage it if you plan on using the warranty one day.

Some previous reviews have reported a negative experience when trying to use the warranty provided by Black Max, which is not uncommon unfortunately in this day and age when it comes to companies and responsibilities.

Black Max Weed Eater Alternative

If you’re looking for an alternative string trimmer to the Black Max, there are a few brands and models that we would recommend you take a look at.

Husqvarna 128LD 17″ String Trimmer

Similar in style and size to the Black Max string trimmer, the Husqvarna 128LD has great average customer ratings and for good reason.

Husqvarna 128LD

Husqvarna is legendary when it comes to lawncare equipment and is preferred by homeowners and professionals everywhere.

They command a higher price, but you might find it worth it depending on your budget.

Craftsman WC2200 17″ String Trimmer

Craftsman WC2200

Another similar model, the Crafstman WC2200 has a high average rating value comparable to the Black Max Weed Eater.

Craftsman is a reliable brand when it comes to power tools and is often found in garages across America in the form of power tools or lawn mowers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Who makes Black Max Weed Eater?

The Black Max Weed Eater is made by a company with the same name - Black Max.

Black Max makes a variety of lawncare equipment from lawn mowers to chainsaws and has been in the business for years and customers appreciate their prices and durable products.

What brands are compatible with Black Max?

Black Max Weed Eater's can use HART PowerFit extras like the blower, edger, brush cutter, hedge trimmer, cultivator, and pole saw. The Black Max can also use other universal weed eater attachments.

Will Ryobi attachments fit Black Max?

The Ryobi string trimmer attachments should fit the Black Max Weed Eater.

Black Max addons are compatible with Ryobi weed eaters, so it would make sense for them to be interchangeable.

What kind of oil does a black max weed eater take?

A Black Max Weed Eater has a 2 cycle engine meaning it needs a mix of gasoline and oil in order to properly operate. Do not try to operate your Black Max with just gasoline in the fuel tank.

You should purchase synthetic 2 stroke engine oil and mix it according to the directions on the bottle you've purchased. This string trimmer needs 2.6oz of oil per gallon of gas.

Black Max sells synthetic oil for 2 stroke engines and suggests that their 2.6oz bottle should be mixed with a gallon of regular gasoline. Black Max recommends not adding old fuel to the fuel tank.


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