LS Tractors have become more and more popular across the United States ever since the creation of LS Tractor USA in 2009.

Since then, thousands of customers have bought an LS tractor and have been satisfied with its quality and performance.

LS offers great warranty services unlike other brands and the positive reviews left on their site definitely prove it.

With that being said, there are some common problems you may encounter with your LS tractor. Every machine will eventually break or need repairs and LS tractors are no different.

Luckily, the majority of problems can be fixed at home or prevented with regular, scheduled maintenance.

If you encounter a problem you can’t diagnose, it’s often better to call a professional or bring it to the dealership rather than further break your tractor.

Here are the most common problems you may encounter when owning an LS tractor.

1. Weak Hydraulics

Weak hydraulics can often happen and are not just specific to an LS tractor. If you notice that your hydraulics aren’t operating as they should, here are some things to check in order to fix or diagnose the problem.

Things To Check

One of the most common reasons for weak hydraulics is low hydraulic fluid. Check your levels and ensure that you have enough fluid in the system for the right pressure to build.

You should also ensure that you are using the right hydraulic fluid for your model LS tractor.

If are using the right fluid and have enough of it in the system, you may want to check for contaminants. Contaminants such as water or particulates can cause the system to not function properly or clog filters.

Filters are the next thing you should check. Your hydraulic filter should be free of debris and not impede the flow of fluid as you operate the tractor.

2. Suspension Problems

Suspension problems can be related to a few different things. If you’ve noticed a rougher ride recently when you’re operating your LS tractor or that it pulls to one side, you should take a look at the following things.

Sway Bars

As you use your LS tractor, your sway bars are going to start to wear down. Eventually, you might start to hear some clunking or rattling noises when you’re driving on rough terrain.

Sometimes, if the problem is really bad, you may notice these noises when you’re driving on even the softest of terrain.

If you hear noises while you are driving and think it’s related to the suspension, check your sway bars. You may need to install new ones.

Things To Check

Other common causes of a bad suspension system on an LS tractor include poor wheel alignment or bad shocks. These are relatively simple to check at home.

If you suspect either of these issues, you’ll have to bring your LS tractor to a local repair shop or authorized dealer to get them fixed.

3. Steering Problems

LS Steering Wheel

Steering problems can cause your tractor to become hard to turn or not respond to the steering wheel at all.

Steering problems are very serious and should be diagnosed and repaired as soon as possible. Do not operate your tractor if you are having difficulty steering it.

Things To Check

The steering column on your LS tractor can become misaligned during normal operations. Check that it is still properly working and not causing your steering wheel to be unresponsive to your input.

The hydraulic pump might be broken or defective on your tractor. The steering on an LS tractor relies on hydrostatic pressure to work so a defective pump or bad pressure might cause your steering to fail or not work as well as it should.

4. Overheating

A tractor overheating is nothing new and can happen occasionally if you are unlucky or have failed to follow proper maintenance routines.

If your tractor is overheating, here are some things to keep an eye out for.

Things To Check

Check the screen on the front of the radiator. Ensure that it is free of debris and allows enough air to enter and cool the engine as you’re driving.

The radiator is what keeps your engine cool and transfers heat away from it. If there’s no air to transfer the heat, the engine will continue to run hot until something overheats and breaks.

You should also check your coolant and ensure that it isn’t dirty and that you have enough of it in the system.

It doesn’t hurt to flush your coolant and replace it with fresh coolant regularly.

Important Regular Maintenance

Like other tractors, your LS tractor should have come with an owner’s manual that lists the regularly scheduled maintenance you should perform on it.

If you don’t have the manual anymore, here’s a quick list of important things to keep an eye on or change every so often.

Engine Oil

The engine oil should be checked every time you start the tractor up and should be changed every 250-300 hours of operation. When you change the oil, you should change the oil filter as well.

Engine Coolant

Engine coolant should be checked daily and flushed and replenished every two years. You should also check the radiator screen daily and clean it up every 50 hours.

If you notice your screen gets dirty quickly, you should clean it as needed instead of every 50 hours.

Transmission And Axles

The transmission oil should be checked every 50 hours and you should replace it every 500 hours.

LS Front Axle

The front axle oil, steering cylinder, steering arm, and front axle holder, should also be checked every 50 hours. The transmission oil and front axle oil should be replaced every 500 hours.

Consider The LS Dealer Network

If you’re having trouble with your LS tractor you should contact the same dealer you purchased your tractor from or you can find the closest dealer using the LS Tractor USA dealer locator.

Your local LS dealer may be able to diagnose and repair any problems you are having with your LS tractor.

LS Dealers are located all over the united states making it easy to find one near you.

You don’t even have to bring your tractor in to get help. LS has a service department number you can reach out to for further assistance with your issues.

LS is known for its quality service and 2-year bumper-to-bumper warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Is LS tractor the same as New Holland?

The LS tractor is built by the company LS company. The LS company also manufactured the New Holland tractor before they started manufacturing their own LS tractor.

Who are LS tractors made by?

LS tractors are made by LS Tractor USA. LS Tractor USA is owned by the LG Group, an international brand with a number of subdivisions and subsidiaries.

What engine does an LS tractor use?

The engine an LS tractor uses is an LS Engine. There are a variety of LS engines used in LS tractors.

In what country are LS tractors made?

LS tractor parts are manufactured in South Korea.

The parts are then shipped to the United States where they are then fully assembled into their respective models.


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