There’s nothing more frustrating than investing a huge chunk of money into an expensive piece of equipment only for it to give you trouble later on. Unfortunately, Spartan mower problems are a common occurrence.

Fortunately for you, we’ll give you fixes for common problems along with tips and tricks to make sure you get the longest life possible out of your Spartan mower.

Let’s get right into the most common Spartan mower problems.

1. Cuts Unevenly

One of the most common Spartan mower problems is that you’re getting an uneven cut. Luckily, this is a pretty easy fix and usually isn’t a result of the manufacturer, but user errors.

The easiest way to see uneven cuts is to get low with the ground and examine your lawn.

The most common uneven cuts feature a tall strip in the center of the pass or the grass on the sides of the pass will be taller than the center.

Before doing any work on your Spartan mower you should always ensure the mower is completely powered off.

Sometimes it even helps to remove the spark plugs so you know for a fact it can’t possibly turn on while you’re looking at the blades.

Uneven Cut Fixes

One of the first things you should check is the sharpness of your blades. Dull mower blades are not going to cut smoothly through the grass.

Mowing Cutting The Long Grass

An easy way to check if the blade is sharp enough is to look at your grass after you’ve cut it. The top of the grass should be cleanly cut.

If it’s jagged and looks like it was ripped instead of cut, it may be time to get your blade sharpened or get a new one.

While you’re looking at the blade, check to make sure it’s not bent. If you’ve hit a rock or anything else sticking out of the ground, you could have bent the blade.

A bent blade will have a hard time cutting evenly. If your blade is bent, the best thing to do is just buy a new blade. No amount of muscle will get it bent back perfectly.

Another thing to check on your Spartan mower is tire pressure. Uneven tire pressure can cause a slight tilt in your mower giving you that uneven cut.

Make sure all your tires are set to the manufacturer-recommended tire pressure PSI for your model of Spartan mower.

2. Starting Problems

It’s not uncommon for old mowers or even a mower that’s been sitting during the winter to have starting problems. Spartan mowers are no different, but thankfully it’s usually a fairly easy fix.

If your mower won’t start, check out these fixes.

Starting Problem Fixes

Old gas is one of the most common reasons why your mower is having trouble starting. If you’re going to be storing your mower for a long period of time, you should try and get the gas (or diesel depending on the model) out.

If you left the fuel in the mower over the winter and are now having trouble starting it, try taking the old gas out and using fresh gas.

The second most common reason for starting problems on a Spartan mower is a dirty spark plug or a bad glow plug.

Check your engine’s spark plug and ensure that it is not dirty, broken, or burnt up.

Another common reason is a bad fuel filter. Check your mower’s fuel filter and see that it is not clogged and cutting your fuel tank off from the engine.

Lastly, check the air filter. A dirty air filter can starve the mower.

Over time, cut grass clippings or other debris can clog the air filter and cause performance or starting issues. An air filter can be cleaned with a vacuum or a simple shake.

If your air filter looks really dirty or clogged, sometimes it’s better to just buy a new one.

3. Deck Noise

Deck noises should not be taken lightly. If you are hearing unusual noises coming from the mower deck of your Spartan mower, you should stop the machine and begin looking for the cause of the problem.

Often times mower deck noises can indicate a loose blade which can become a very dangerous hazard if not immediately taken care of.

Make sure the lawn mower is completely off before investigating any problems regarding the deck or blades.

Noise Issue Solutions

If you are feeling unusual vibrations or noises coming from the deck, check the blade. Oftentimes, a loose blade will vibrate and make noises. Tightening the blade down should stop this problem on your Spartan mower.

While you’re under the deck, make sure it’s clean. Too often on these mowers debris and lawn clippings can get stuck on the underside of the mower causing strange noises or vibrations.

4. Expensive Replacement Parts

Every machine needs maintenance and a Spartan mower is no different than the rest. Eventually, something will break or need replacing and that’s just a fact of life.

With belts costing easily close to a hundred dollars and wheels costing several hundred, there are a few ways you can reduce the cost of maintenance or repairs on your Spartan mower.

Ways To Reduce Prices

Before purchasing any parts, be sure to check your warranty. Most mowers come with a warranty.

If your Spartan mower is still under warranty, you may be able to get it repaired for free.

Original parts straight from the manufacturer are often expensive. If you’re looking to reduce costs, you should seek out an after-market company that produces parts for spartan lawnmowers.

Buying parts directly from the Spartan website or a Spartan dealer will be more costly than after-market parts.

5. Maneuverability Problems

A Spartan zero turn mower offers incredible maneuverability but occasionally can get snagged up on occasion.

Solutions For Maneuvering Better

You can raise the deck on a Spartan lawn mower to give you more clearance when going over areas of your lawn that have lots of tree roots or rocks in the ground.

A higher deck makes for a smoother ride in areas with lots of obstacles you can accidentally hit.

6. Lacking In Power

One of the most common spartan mower problems is a lack of power. Thankfully, this is a quick fix and not directly caused by the manufacturer.

If you follow some basic Spartan mower maintenance tips, you will never have this problem.

Tips To Gain More Power

A clogged air filter is all too common when you have a drop in power. Check your air filters regularly on your Spartan mower.

Make sure you keep your Spartan mower deck clean. A clean deck keeps cut grass from clogging up the deck.

A damaged spark plug on your Spartan mower can cause a number of issues related to performance and start-up. Take your spark plug(s) out and make sure they’re not broken.

Get your mower blades sharpened. All too often we hear about Spartan owners letting their blades go dull. If you sharpen the blades, you should see a marked increase in performance.

7. Gauge And Electronic Issues

New Spartan zero-turn mowers come with all sorts of fancy gauges and electronics. With more electric wires and parts, something is bound to go wrong eventually.

Here are some fixes and troubleshooting tips you can try at home.

Potential Fixes

If you’ve noticed that the fuel gauge on your Spartan mower isn’t accurate, the easiest fix is to completely replace the unit.

You should first fill up the fuel tank and wait to see if it is actually faulty before completely replacing the unit.

Check your lawn mower’s battery. A weak battery can cause all sorts of electrical issues.

If your mower isn’t starting and the battery isn’t faulty, it could be your starter solenoid or starter motor.

This can be a bit harder to diagnose at home and is possibly covered by your warranty. Call your local Spartan dealer if you’re not sure.

Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Spartan Mower In Top Shape

Maintenance Tips

While some things require the help of a professional mechanic, there are a few things you can do at home to keep your Spartan mower in working order.

These are definitely things you should do before and after the mowing season.

If you go through this checklist a few times a year, you’ll save yourself a costly bill at the local mower repair shop.

Cleaning Air Filters

A blocked air filter can cause all sorts of problems from performance issues to start-up trouble.

Checking the air filter throughout the mowing season will save you numerous headaches down the line.

Checking Oil Level

Just like on a car, you should keep an eye on the oil level of your Spartan mower.

If you notice it’s low, or even dirty, it may be time to change out the oil.

Checking Tire Air Pressure

You should check tire pressure fairly regularly. If you notice the air pressure in your mower’s wheels going down over time, you may have a leak.

Catching flat or slightly deflated tires before you mow is crucial to a clean-cut lawn.

Cleaning The Mower Deck After Use

Even if you have a wide mowing deck, you should clean your Spartan deck after each use.

A clean deck will cut back on future mower problems and give your lawn a better cut.

Keeping the deck clean will also help ensure that your discharge chute functions properly.

Keeping Your Blades Sharp

Sharpening The Blade Of A Lawn Mower With An Electric Sharpener

There is nothing worse than trying to cut your lawn with dull blades.

Dull blades will give your lawn an uneven cut and can cause some performance issues.

Avoid hitting tree roots or exposed rocks. While the blade will dull over time, hitting something other than the grass is sure to dull it quicker.

Checking The Battery

You’re not going to be able to do much mowing with a dead battery.

Make sure your battery is staying charged. If it isn’t, it may be indicative of bad wiring or a bad alternator.

Storing Your Spartan Lawn Mower

You should store your Spartan lawnmower in a dry, covered place.

The best place to keep your Spartan lawnmower is in a shed or garage.

Advantages Of Spartan Mowers

Spartan mowers have some of the best maneuverability and reliability on the market today.

While they don’t have quite as long of a history as John Deere, they are definitely making a name for themselves.

A Spartan zero-turn mower has excellent handling and should be considered by anyone in the market for a zero-turn mower.

Spartan owners continuously talk about how comfortable the ride is, how quickly they can finish their yard, and reduced fuel costs.

Final Thoughts

Spartan mowers are made right in Batesville, Arkansas, and were just recently founded in 2013. While they’re still new to the game, they’ve definitely made a name for themselves when it comes to lawnmowers and zero-turn mowers.

If you have a Spartan mower and are experiencing problems, you can more than likely perform the maintenance on it yourself at home.

If you are experiencing more serious problems, Spartan dealers are happy to help their customers.

Spartan mower problems are often easy to fix and require little mechanical knowledge, but it does help to know a thing or two about basic repairs.

If your mower is still under warranty and something goes wrong, it doesn’t hurt to give the Spartan dealer or Spartan Mowers themselves a call.

If you take care of your Spartan mower, it will take care of you for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Are Spartan Mowers good for commercial use?

Spartan mowers are great for commercial use. They have great fuel economy and offer performance that very few other companies can match.

How long do Spartan Mowers last?

With proper maintenance and care, Spartan mowers can last for years if not over a decade.

Spartan machines aren't cheap so you're definitely going to get your money's worth.

What does Spartan mower warranty cover?

Spartan mower warranties are different depending on the type of model you purchased.

For example, the Spartan RZ-C, RZ, and RZ-PRO offer a 3-year or 300-hour limited warranty.

You can check the manufacturer's website to see what kind of Spartan mower warranty your model has.


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